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Day 1

Start your day early so you can have ample time to enjoy all the Parrsboro shore has to offer.  Exit the Trans Canada highway at Masstown.  Be sure to top up your gasoline because the next service station is in Parrsboro, 96 km away.  Take a few minutes to visit the Masstown Market and grab a few refreshments for the ride.

When you are ready to go, head to the roundabout and point yourself North for a short 5 km drive up highway 4. Turn left onto highway 2 to truly begin your Parrsboro Shore Adventure!

Having entered the Cliffs of Fundy Geopark, keep your eyes peeled for signs indicating the various Geosites along your route.  To plan a more Geosite-centric tour, visit the Cliffs of Fundy Geopark website map to see the various points of interest in the park before you start your journey.  

You will first drive through the farming community of Glenholme and then arrive at Great Village.  Great Village is a treasure trove for antique hunters and the “name” is worth a visit. whether you are planning to shop or just browse some of the historic collectables typical found in homes in this area over the past couple of centuries you will find things traditional, beautiful and unique

When you are ready to continue your tour, continue along highway 2 through the beachside village of Portapique and on to Bass River.  Take a few minutes to visit the country Market made famous for selling factory seconds from the Dominion Chair company factory across the street.  As if you can visit the museum upstairs and step back in time to see what a mercantile like this would have looked like over 100 years ago!

Travel through the Economies, upper, central and Lower, stop at that Dutchman’s Cheeze farm, tour their botanical gardens and purchase some delicious local cheese made in the Dutch tradition.

If you have worked up an appetite you might want to grab something to eat at Pats boardwok and then visit the Geopark Visitor Centre.  Or take in the visitor Center and save your appetite for the other side of the Mountain where five islands offers various dining options from Granny’s roadside takeout, the Briny Bay Bistro’s Louisiana style kitchen or Dianne’s famous seafood and Chips.  You may want to check out the awesome views of the bay of Fundy from Five islands provincial park or perhaps hike the trail at the five Island Lighthouse Park.

The next 20 kilometres will take you on some winding Roads and switchbacks through the hamlets of Moose River and new prospect, and Finally bring you to the town of Parrsboro, the Capital of the Parrsboro Shore.

We hope you have made your reservation in advance to stay at one of our fabulous Inns or vacation cottages. Summer is busy on the Parrsboro shore so you don’t want to leave it to chance. Check out the various accommodations available on the Parrsboro Shore here

Campers might want to Overnight at the Glooscap campground or any of the other campgrounds along the Parrsboro shore.

Be sure Include a Parrsboro Dinner on your first Day, at one of our top notch local eateries.  Check out our local dining spots here

Be sure to check in advance with these and all restaurants for availability and hours of operation.

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